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  1. Hey Liz and David,
    It was so hard NOT to come Saturday to this last auction. WOW! I could have easily spent $5K or more. Roy and I have not been in as I had hip fusion a couple months ago and have been “grounded” I should have at least bid on line but when I thought of it, well it was a quarter to 3 pm. Loved the black hand fan as I collect them. The lamps oh my…. Roy wanted that 1,000 gun! When I look thru past pictures of auctions I see in just about every picture something I now own and treasure. Liz thank you for the warm card you sent us.

    I just wanted you to know we are still here! But with the surgery I had they inserted titanium rods into my butt. . But maybe October! Roy and I love and pray for you and yours. We love you! See you soon.

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