Here at our auction facility located at 115 N Robb St in Trinity, Tx 75862 we are Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and offer firearms for auction with the knowledge they will be transferred to a new owner that has been background checked before the transfer takes place.

We are FFL Dealers – We offer new guns for purchase as well.  Looking for a special firearm you would like to purchase? We have access to new firearms at below retail pricing, so BEFORE you purchase a new gun – Give us a call or come by our office to see if we can find what you are looking for. 

Have firearms or guns you would like to sell to a buyer you have?  You can both come to our facility and we will handle a person to person transfer for you and have a background check and federal form 4473 completed by your buyer before you complete your sale.

Estate executors can have confidence in the sale of their firearms to buyers that are qualified and cleared by the FBI before possession takes place by a new owner.

FFL Form 4473 – Click here to open or download

Bought a gun online from another seller?  Have your firearm(s) shipped to us to complete your transfer and pick up your online purchase here at our local facility.  We are listed with most major online gun dealers, but if you do not find us on their list give us a call.

Terms and Conditions of all firearm sales at our auction facility are as follows:

FIREARMS: Federal Licensed Firearms Facility, all documents, and background checks will be in effect for this and all auctions of firearms. The bidder is the buyer of the firearm, so registered bidder is the person to whom the firearm will belong.

To complete the Firearms Transaction Record ATF Form 4473 you will need to present your identification (establish identity, place of residence, your physical address, and age of the buyer.) Examples: State Driver’s License or other Valid Government Issued Identification that will fulfill the requirements. Texas Concealed Handgun License / License to Carry Handgun holders are exempt from the background check though required to complete Form 4473 and have CHL & Driver’s License on hand to be copied.

Buyer agrees to have any used firearm checked by a certified gunsmith prior to firing. Buyer assumes all legality, liability, and responsibility for the condition, use & security/storage of the firearm purchased. Buyer certifies by purchasing a firearm that he or she is legally qualified to purchase and own the firearm and that there are no state or local laws preventing ownership and the owner will utilize a trigger lock to prevent accidents. Buyer understands that all firearms are potentially dangerous if handled improperly.

We have no established testing facility and assume no liability for the safe functioning of any firearm sold.

Buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase a long gun and 21 years of age to purchase a handgun.

Please check with your FFL / gun transfer dealer on age requirements in your state.

Upon purchase, the buyer assumes all liability and responsibility including but not limited to the usage and safe storage of the purchased firearm.

Want to sell your firearms at auction?  Complete this form and have us call you.