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Live Public Auction Sat Oct 12th @ 6pm – Location? 103 W Main St Across from the Post Office in Trinity, Tx.

Click to view online catalog We types of items we have in this upcoming auction for Saturday, October 12th at 6 pm.  Don't forget to download the free app and view the catalog anytime anywhere.  Sporting Goods Gun Safe Firearms Rifles Shotguns Handguns Furniture Coins Fine Art Home Decor Tools Tiller Estate Items and sooooo … Continue reading


Our NEW Mobile Apps are available for download to all your mobile devices.

Yes, we have a NEW free mobile app in the app store ready for you to download. Click here to choose your mobile app store download today and make mobile bidding FUN New Brand - New Home and a New Mobile App - Same Service- we are trying to bring the auction experience to you … Continue reading

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Gold Silver Bullion and Currency Online Auction Monday, Oct 7th @ 7 pm cst

Buy gold silver bullion numismatic online coin auction