Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery gets a NEW home.

Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery gets a NEW home.

We are at our NEW auction house. Watch the transformation from old and tired to a revitalized building in downtown Trinity, Texas. We are open so come by and check it out. 

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Just a little history of our 5-year project 

Pictorial update as the rebuild of our 1900’s building continues.  Our new address is 115 N Robb St.  Between the lights on highway 19 downtown Trinity, Texas. We bought an old storefront in downtown Trinity, Texas. First, we gutted it and rebuilt everything. New floors, walls, building front, windows, doors, and interior walls and restrooms. This is why we said: Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery gets a NEW home.

As a couple, we started our business together in 2007 in a rented downtown building that had some really cool character, but it sold after years of being our company home. Luckily there was a tired old building in need of repairs, so we bought it and started on a complete remodel. We searched and found a contractor who shared our vision for bringing back the original style of the building while keeping the character.

See our new signage!

Going old school to enhance the facade to appear like it did in the past. It’s still a work in progress but it is coming along :). My dear friend with many talents, Tricia McCartney is our sign painter. She is a lady of many talents, you can find her at her business Heavenly Threads Quilt Shop

She has finished the sign and it is fantastic, you can’t miss us now. 

Assets Sells at Auction here is our storefront

Our facility as seen from the highway at 115 N Robb St in downtown Trinity, Texas 75862

Almost finished ….. 

Still hard at work on our storefront sign

Finishing up the store signage on our building.




We are here @ 115 N Robb St (Hwy 19) Trinity, Tx 75862

We are moved in by Christmas 2019


Tidying up


Starting to look at lot like Christmas


A place to pick up out back 🙂


Finding places for everything…


Lots to unpack

Moving in 


Moving in

Front street view just needs the awning, trim and a sign. Windows and doors are in.


Ceiling being installed

The front desk area is still in progress


Rear entrance in the alley behind the facility















AMP-TAG Bldg Front

Found under the old peeling paint. Lee & Bowman Food Market, 1947 – 1951 approximate dates of active business as we were informed by the descendants of the owners.

Brickwork on front installed

Brickwork on front installed

Brick going up on the front of the building

Brick going up on the front of the building

Sheetrock up, taped, floated and textured

Sheetrock up, taped, floated and textured

Sheetrock going up

Sheetrock going up

Insulation Blown In

Insulation Blown In

Network cables, Electrical run in ceiling

Network cables, electrical run in the ceiling

Finished concrete floor

Framing has begun

Front doors and windows are framed

Rear view of the office space

Office framed – front view

Framing started on the restrooms


Sheeting the front of the building

Sheeting in front of the building interior





Front pour for the brick ledge[/caption]


Concrete flooring has begun














What we started with back in 2014 …….  Then the demo started, but the rebuild did not take place until 2019. Because we hit a few snags along the way.



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