TAA Convention June 9-13 Texas Auctioneers Association

It’s time again for our trip to the Texas Auctioneers Association Convention.  This year it will be held in Arlington, Texas (Home of Six Flags).  Every year the association plans this event on the second week of June and locates it in a different area of Texas.

David & I will both complete our continuing education requirements during this time as well as network with other auctioneers.  Last year was our first convention and it was awesome.  Meeting auctioneers that have been in business for generations was inspiring.

Yearly the State of Texas requires its licensed auctioneers to continue their education and to be updated on States Laws and Rules for conducting auctions in the State of Texas.

While it is hard to be away from our business for these four days, it is also a time to reflect on the last year and learn new marketing techniques to enhance our auctions.

It was wonderful for me as a woman auctioneer to watch the FIRST woman inducted as President of the Association last year.  Joy Gay of LL Auctions in Dickinson, Texas has done a wonderful job guiding the association this year.

Technology is the focus of marketing auctions now and in the future.  Not long ago while attending an auction the clerk had to hand write the tickets and waiting to check out could seem to last forever.  Now with the technology advancements for this industry check-in and check-out have become streamlined for speed and accuracy.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions in updating the blog and keeping our auction buyers in the loop as to where the future of auctions may be heading.  Live auctions are the most exciting and interesting way to auction but as people become busier and life becomes more hectic online only auctions are becoming the norm.

Chat with us soon on Facebook or Send Your Comments via the Blog and let us hear from YOU.

Thanks again and post soon to let you know what we learned at the convention.

Have a great day and God bless and keep you and yours,

Liz Drake, ATS TAL#16596

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