How to Decide Where and When to Sell your Stuff ????

We have these discussions with people everyday.

“What items are best sold at Auction?”   “How do we know when to sell items at Auction?”   “What is your charge for selling our stuff?”    “I have a (what ever you inherited or no longer want) how much will I get for it at auction?”  “I found this on eBay for $$$$?”   “How does this work?”   “Well I looked up the value of this (put your item here) and the book says it is worth $$$$”   “We had this appraised back in 1980 for $$$$, how much will you get at the auction?”  “I have not ever been to an auction, what do I do?”

There are many more questions received everyday just like those stated above.  In short most want a value for their items and a guaranty of a selling price.

Auctions have been recorded as early as 500 BC so this method of marketing is ancient.  The word Auction is derived from the Latin word aueco which means I increase or I augment. Biding begins at a low dollar amount (below the suggested value) and is raised in increments set by the Auctioneer to advance the bid till the highest offer is made then the lot is sold to the highest bidder. This is considered by many as ” The REAL Value” as it is what is offered by those wanting to purchase the item(s).

Upon considering how to decide where and when to sell your stuff follow this guideline from Consumer Reports viewed online http//

When looking at your item(s) first decide whether is is valuable and to what degree it is valuable.  What was the must have five to ten years ago is not the must have today.  To get the most value out of your items do some research on values and always consider the condition of your item as it does change the value considerably.

There are ways to sell your items other than auction and in some cases that is what we will suggest to the seller who has an item not suitable for auction. Remember sometimes the best solution is to donate an item when its usefulness is still evident though it is no longer the must have.

As an Auctioneer I value your inquiries into how my business works and why I believe in the Auction Method of Marketing.  Needless to say keep those questions coming…..


Preview is live @ Trinity Auction Gallery

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Preview has begun….. to view online click Current Auctions tab and open the catalog.  Online bidding will end at 3 pm CST and the Live Auction starts at 6 pm.  Get your bids in now!


Behind the scenes at Trinity Auction Gallery…. Cataloging begins

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This a peek at what it is like at the auction facility between live auctions.  We bring in the auction items by trailer and unload into the auction house, then the sort begins.